Small purse prototype

Last night I sat down and created a purse prototype based on what I learned from the making the clutch.

It needs some adjustments but I’m happy for a first prototype.

The flap needs to be about an inch shorter.

The tabs need some work for better alingnment at the top tab and an easier build at the corners.

I’m going to add a slight arc to the top of the side panels for aesthetics but it will also help to close the gap when I shorten the flap.

Overall I’m very happy with the prototype. In a single night I went from a blank Illustrator file to a working design. A little more fiddling with the design and it should be good to go.


Awesome! I am getting so many ideas for these interlocking bag designs…if only… :grinning:

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My eyes got tired of looking at all the little tabs on the screen but I powered through it. :wink:

It really wasn’t that hard to do. The biggest hurdle was figuring out dimensions. I tried a modification on the corners that worked OK but could be better.

I did make a mistake and only added one strap for the D-rings but that was an easy fix on a piece of scrap. The whole design just fits onto the bed of the GF. It would basically use up an entire sheet of PG leather but I cut my own from a larger piece of tooling leather.


Your brand imagery is starting to grow on me. Love the stitch-less design.


Me too! :wink:

I was second guessing myself and thinking I should have gone with three 3s (two small and one big 3). With the jig I made it is so simple to emboss the logo.

LOL, I just noticed that I didn’t join the side the same way. Look at the top tabs - one is angled up and the other is angled down.

Oops! :flushed:

I did know that the slot for that top tab needs to be moved but I didn’t notice the difference in the build. On one side the second tab starts over the opposite side and the other starts under.


Wouldn’t have noticed if you hadn’t pointed it out. :smile:

I’d “Like” it but Discourse thinks I’m being overly generous with likes I guess. :slight_smile: :heavy_heart_exclamation:


you only need to wait 9 more days.

That’s better than the 40k+ hours that somebody got the other day.

That seam design is stunning…the whole darned thing is wonderful!

Thank you. It has been fun practicing with the dyes. I was trying for more red on this one but I seem to have mastered pink. :laughing:


I love it! This is such a cool technique - it looks amazing. @Jae brought something similar that she made to maker faire (stitchless clutch, dyed cool colors) and it got all the oohs and ahs. I bet yours would do the same.

Strange thing about the @discourse timeout - not sure why that would be.


Thanks. This whole project was inspired by Jae’s post. I did my first clutch the day after setting up the GF.

Over the next few days I did three more and made a stamp to try some embossing.

It was a good first week considering I hadn’t used a laser cutter or done any leatherwork before. This purse was the first step at creating my own design. The next step is to flatten the bottom and redesign the flap and clousure. I’m also kicking around some ideas on how I might be able to add more features like dividers or compartments without stitching and possibly lining the inside.


Version two is looking much improved. The tabs are aligned better and the corners fit much nicer. The arc on the top of the side pieces is missing. Illustrator crashed and I didn’t catching the missing bit.

A sewing theme was requested so I made a needle and thread stamp. I like the way it came out with the delicate lines.

The chain is my current best strap. I’m looking into some silk scarves I can dye to match.


The design just barely fits on the area. It comes in at about 19.25 inches.