Smart Folders are EMPTY!

After several years of paying $50/mos for premium, I let it lapse. I wanted to see whether it really made that much of a difference. The first thing I’ve noticed is that all of my carefully, painstakingly organized smart folders are completely empty! And these are not folders containing free premium designs, but my own originals and paid for designs.

I’m guessing that maybe our work history isn’t welcome to take space on their servers anymore? Have I lost years of design and production over a single $50/mos lapse?

Of course I do have the designs saved elsewhere, but many were measured and adjusted specifically for projects I’d intended to contuse creating. Damn! How frustrating!

And if so, is there a way to restore them? Thank you!

One of the benefits of the premium subscription is unlimited storage. Without premium, files not opened for 30 days or more are not saved.


Thank you. Do you happen to know if the designs will be restored if you renew within a certain time frame?

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You’d probably be best served by emailing support and explaining your situation.


Recalling another case they were gone. If the payment does not come the data space is not paid for. I had a huge project that was years in the making (you can see one image of it as my header) and had a major issue where I lost the ability to get on line for a couple of months and every bit of it vanished, so I understand the horror. There was no point in my going back (unlike Glowforge it was 100% virtual) but it still has a positive effect on my ability with the Glowforge.


For the future, if you want to see what something like like without Premium, you can’t create an additional user and then don’t share your subscription with it!

I hope you get good news when you call Support.


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