Smart folders making me cry

What is up with the smart folders? I moved some designs and checked they had been added to the folder so I deleted the original and now they are all GONE. I make memorials for my vet clinic and now I have to redesign everything. Anyone have any idea if I can get these files back?

Moving designs into a folder does not remove them from My Designs, it just links to them.

There are many issues with folders but it doesn’t delete anything.

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It does if you are trying to organize files and delete them from the main page. I made sure they were moved to the folder b4 deleting the original but a bit later they were all gone. I stated this in my original post.

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If you delete them from the “main page”, they are gone forever.

As I said, moving them to a folder just links to the original. It does not make an additional copy.


Good to know then there’s really no point to them. Any other app/program I’ve used if you move something to a folder and delete the original the moved copy is still there.

There’s plenty of point to them, you can put all your stuff into custom folders and never use the cluttered “My Designs” again.


We can agree to disagree. For what I wanted to do which is to remove all the designs from the my designs page except for the ones I am currently working on it’s not going to work.

Correct. That’s not how it was designed to work.

Edit: you can contact support if you’d like them to consider changing how it works. The standard response is “we’ll pass it along to the team”…

Every time I get in one of my vehicles, the stupid “compass” comes up in the rear-view mirror, and I have to press a button to turn it off. It drives me nuts, but stomping my feet and complaining won’t change the fact it happens.

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It sounds like the smart folders are more like shortcuts, not copies.

Do you have original files for your designs in something like Illustrator, Affinity Designer, etc?

If you are designing things exclusively with the tools in the Glowforge app then I guess you are screwed.


Similar but I find it’s basically the new fad of Tags is what this is. MacOS, Windows 10, and 11 all use this as a feature. Add a tag to a file and it’ll get listed by that Tag in the search options. Head to the Folders on the side and it’ll show as a sort option even though there is no actual Folder for the Tag. And same as here, if you delete it, it’s deleted because it’s not actually duplicating the file, it’s just adding a sort option to it.


I didn’t realize they worked that way. I ‘moved’ all my stuff, and didn’t bother to delete from the recent feed. If I would have, I would be pi$$ed, that it didn’t occur to me that’s the way it worked. I feel for you. I’d either bash the living daylights out of the thing with a bat. Or use it as an opportunity to redesign the items, with some of the changes and corrections you thought about doing after the initial one, but were too lazy to ever go back and ‘fix’. Or maybe that’s just me, either way…

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If you have moved all the file you want from the original folders you could just hide those folders so you would only have your copies or links to the original. That is what I started doing.
Good Luck.


I’d reach out to support and ask if they could revert your files to a backup. Can’t hurt.


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