SmartHome Connections - Make it Light Up Every Time

So, I’m browsing the forums, because sometimes you need to not respond to an email for 20 minutes or so…

And I’ve seen a few projects that include using LED lights or lighting…

Now, the eternal problem with cool light up pictures, or digital photo frames, or awesome displays of anything electric powered… is that you have to deliberately turn them on. Whether it’s a switch, a plug, or a battery pack… you have to intentionally take an action.

I don’t know about you… but that just won’t happen in my house.

Bring on the age of miracles, the boy in the bubble and the baby with the baboon heart…

Alexa controlled outlet switches…

Now I know that this concept isn’t new to many folks here… but the possibilities may not have occurred to you. Once it’s set up with all your living room lights, your beautiful display that you created and lit up… lights up every time you turn on your living room lights. Just because it had a regular plug does not mean it can’t be internet connected.

Projects like this:

When your project lights up every time you are in the room, it will bring you exponentially more happiness.

*Pick the right plug for your own system.


This is my own (non-glowforge-related) light up project:

These turn on and off with our living room lights.


Sort of an electric quilt! Cool!

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30 RGB track lights in the living room:

Three circuits on the Christmas tree - santa, lights (on smart dimmer), flashy lights on tree (not on in pic):

Exterior RGB down lights and Christmas lights:

Plus lights in the studio, kitchen, hallway, bedroom, and pantry. I have also worked in a motion sensor for the outdoor lights and a Ring doorbell that can trigger events.

Yeah, I have a problem. :smiley:

If anybody has any smart home questions I have worked with a few of the products out there. :wink:

“Alexa, turn on movie night.”


Me too, started with BSR X10, then MisterHouse, HomeSeer, MiCasaVerde (Vera), Wink, Smarthings, Philips Hue, Wemo, etc. All are still running other than X10. Not just lights, cameras, motion sensors, humidity, temp, etc.
Siri, Amazon, Cordana, arrrgggghhhh!

Totally down the rabbit hole. :grinning: Honestly the ability to manage automation has come almost to the mainstream. But right now if I go, my wife will be lost :smirk: and turning off and on things by hand… How archaic.

I’ve even used X-10 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas to light a stage. They decided to add a band to the Flying Monkey Bar and gave us no budget to light it. We stole some par cans from the theater and setup a simple RGBW (or similar colors) wash and gave the band an X-10 remote.

Any more I’ve settled on Sylvania bulbs, Lutron switches, and GE outlets. They work well for me. The track lights are semi-smart MiLights and I plan on getting more of them because I can get them for $10 shipped. The only other option for GU10 is the $50 Hues.


btw, those are some phenomenal photographs on your wall… It’s hard to tell for the size, but is one of those from Bodie?

Thank you!

Nothing from Bodie. I’ve visited Bodie but that was before I got into the long exposure stuff. It’s not easy to get in there at night.

I’m guessing you are talking about Lube Job. It was shot in Nelson Nevada.

Many of my photos can be found on my Facebook page. Take a look at the timeline album. The “Hot Guy” album has some shots from Burning Man and “Trip-Tychs” was a fun project with distorted panoramas.

There’s a few more on my photo page.

I haven’t been active on FB since September but will likely be dipping my toe back in soon.

Also, I really like the use of the Christmas lights behind the panels. Be careful with the home automation. It is addictive. This weekend I painted the motion detectors to match the fence outside.