Smoke and smell

I have replaced my printer head mirror and lenses. I had place the mirror incorrectly and it caused damage. That is why I replaced them. It seems to be working fine but it does smoke when I used machine for over an hour. I am using an external venting system that goes out the window. Is there some other part that might have been messed up that I need to replace? I double check the hosing to make sure there was pinches. I made a couple of adjustment just in case. Please help a newbie.

Many of us have opted to employ an external booster fan and turn off the internal fan. the noise difference is night and day. The machine’s internal fan pushes the smoke out, so any leaks in the run will have smoke leaking out. if you put a booster fan at the end, where it leaves the building, then the smoke is being pulled out, so no odor is pushed out.


What smokes when you use the machine for over an hour? Have you cleaned the air assist fan and the exhaust fan?

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Thanks for getting back to me…I think I figured it out…I tightened the hose to the vent…it was completely tight. Hoping that was it…

I have gone with the same booster fan. Thanks for getting back to me. I think it was a loose hose…I refitted it and tightened it.

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