Smoke coming from front door

does anyone else have smoke coming from the front door of their Glowforge when they print? I emailed support days ago but haven’t gotten a response yet.

You need to clean you fan in the rear of the GlowForge.


If you have the filter, it is full. If you are venting outside, clean your exhast and/or checked for blockage in your hose.

I have done that. about four times. The fan is fine.

I have cleaned the fans and they are fine.

Fresh air is drawn into the Glowforge from the vent under the right corner. Smoke is blown away from the cut by the air assist fan and exists via the exhaust fan and vent. If smoke is coming out the front door, one or more of these areas are blocked.

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I know. This is isn’t the first time this has happened. I also find it stupid that Glowforge doesn’t have telephone support and it takes them days and weeks to get back to people. I have also have an order that I placed last month that still hasn’t been fulfilled but they charged my credit card the same day the order was placed.

If you have the Pro unit, you will need to clean in between the heat synch fins from time to time too to help the airflow. Help us help you by giving us some feed back on a few items.

What model GF do you have?

Do you have an external filter?

Do you have an external fan attached?

Can you shoot us a pic of your exhaust honeycomb grid from the rear of the machine?

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The machine isn’t breathing the way it should.
The exhaust fan moves more air than the intake so there should be a negative pressure inside the machine when operating. All of the cracks around the door and lid should be taking air in, not blowing smoke out.
If you have checked the exhaust fan grill in back and it’s not obstructed, and the exhaust path is clear then you have an exhaust fan problem, or the filter (if you are using one) is full and needs replacing.


I know it is frustrating, but this is just how Glowforge operates until they don’t.

Could you have accidentally set it to think the filter is attached? That would turn off the exhaust fan.


Check the air intake under the right front corner of the machine. It is very easy for a piece of paper or masking to get drawn up to it as the machine takes in air. You might also want to look at an inline fan placed at the very end of the hose just before it exits the wall/window. This way the fumes are pulled all of the way and forced out the window instead of being pushed trough the hose and out any holes.

Hello @jonathanrychling - I apologize I didn’t catch this forum post earlier. It looks like we’ve been in regular contact via email the last day or so, so I’m going to go ahead and close this thread since troubleshooting has been moved to email at this point.