Smoke from the laser print head

During my last print, the laser head was smoking out of one of the little holes that surround the glass circle on the left side of the laser head. Also, the second part of the cut wasn’t complete while the first cut part was fine while the head was smoking.
I also noticed that the proofgrade settings set by the QR code didn’t work and I needed to change the settings to get successful cuts and engraves.
Any suggestions? Anyone know if anything is wrong with the machine that I can fix? Is the proofgrade settings not working related to the smoke from the laser head?

I would remove the lens and mirror and examine them closely. Then I would clean all of the optics. Next I suggest cleaning the printhead fan and the air assist fan.Finally I would try a very small test cut. What you experienced is not normal.


That sounds to me like the mirror inside the laser arm (which you can’t fix without returning the machine) is out of whack and the beam is off center of that window on the head. As the distance changes the beam is able to touch the perimeter of that window melting the plastic and causing that smoke. Have a look at that and see if that is the case.
Or… if you have the mirror inside the head in the wrong orientation it will direct the beam into the head itself and melt the plastic cylinder the lens travels up and down in to focus.


Thanks for the heads up. I’ll go check it out.

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