Smoke in apt

Have noticed that things are getting more smoky in the apt while running Glowforge. Have the filter system for a year, but have noticed my fan coming out of forge seems slow? Bear in mind I have cleaned it. Any suggestions?

Could your filter cartridge be full?


Well, for whatever reason, airflow through the machine isn’t what it should be. If the fan grill on the back is clear and the intake on the right bottom isn’t blocked, then it’s possible the filter element needs replacing.


How long do they usually last?

Didn’t really know the life of filter

The filter element is consumable, it depends on the material being used and how much. Some can fill the filter in a week. Considering the cost, venting outside is the best method.


That fan should not be running at all. In the three dot pull down menu there is a place to say that you are running the filter that shuts that fan off.

As it is, pushing against a full filter I am not surprised the back pressure is making it slow. They recommend that the filter fan be running at least an hour after the cutting is finished to not build up an impervious layer at the entrance. IMHO I would leave it on permanently for the same reason and also get a filter that looks like a sponge used in room ACs to catch the bigger stuff.

I would also never cut MDF or :proofgrade: medium ply that also has MDF in the middle as that is the worst offender with oak a distant second. All that does not matter as a new filter is still needed, but it will start the new filter out better.


It is documented. You’ll notice they don’t mention using draftboard (mdf) as it is the worst, with mdf-core plywood close behind.

You could conceivably use up a filter cartridge in a day. It is designed for very light use.


A) have you already maxed out the filter knob? If not go ahead and turn it up until it’s sucking everything out again
B) the filter will be totally full eventually, this is much slower with leather than wood and MDF but still, eventually it needs to be replaced.
You can tell when it stops pulling as much air as it used to.

I do wish you’d be more precise when you keep saying this. It depends very much on what you’re cutting. With non-wood/MDF products like leather, glass and plastics a single cartridge can actually last several months. OP consistently posts gorgeous leather projects - the “use it up in a few hours on MDF” scenario doesn’t apply.


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