Smoke Problem

I have my GF vented to the outside via a 4" hose. Lately, I have noticed a LOT of smoke escaping out of the front hinge area below the pass-through slot. This is not normal – I have had my GF for many years now, and I know it pretty well. I tried cleaning out the hinge (there were some crumbs in there) but it didn’t help. Best guess is there is some sort of seal built into the hinge and it’s worn out, but I can’t see one when it is open or closed. I have also checked in case the vent hose has somehow become clogged, but there still seems to be a lot of venting going on there. What’s going on?

There’s no seal on the Glowforge, it clears the air via negative pressure out the exhaust.

Most likely either your fan, or your hose is blocking the flow.

Have you looked at your fan recently? The big one at the back left corner.


I haven’t looked at it – that would require removing the hose, which is not my favorite thing as the attachment ring on the GF is so narrow and makes it hard to clamp it back on. But I will take a look. COme to think of it, it has been sometimes making a louder whine than normal in the middle of a cut. Thanks.


I found a great (if odd) solution to that problem. I had just emptied a bottle of V-8 juice, and at the time was measuring everything as I was having the same issue.
The bottle has ribs that grab tight to the GF exhaust for easy off-and-on after the bottom and top were cut off with a knife and trimmed with scissors.

several years later, that is still going great with no issues (even the sloppy tape).
A standard 2-liter bottle and the small Folgers plastic coffee can also worked, but the grabbing rib won the prize.


Also, if you’re going to be in there anyway, an external fan and complete removal of the interior one is an absolute win for both less high pitched noise, and ease of cleaning.


There’s a metal grate between the exhaust fan and your hose. That grate will collect buildup from all the stuff you burn until air can’t get through it any more. You have to clean it on occasion, as well as the exhaust fan itself. A set of cheap nylon brushes is useful here, you can poke them through the holes in the grate to clear it well enough to get back up and running.


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