Smoke thickness and boosted venting

We haven’t tested the unit outside of the two supported configurations - venting through a 4" hose & the Glowforge Air FIlter - so I’m afraid I can’t say. You might consider tuning the booster so the airflow through the unit is unaffected, since increased air velocity might have side effects we haven’t thought of.

We’ve tested with some very old and grungy machines and seen no significant loss in cooling. It’s not a part you can reach for cleaning.


Unfortunately I don’t have that number for you.

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Hrmm. So you’re saying full bore 115 CPM (what the booster is rated for) maybe a bad idea. And I should start working on making it variable speed controlled?

But at some point it may be an issue thou? I plan on having this unit for several years. And it’s planned to get good use.

Thanks for getting back on it. I guess I’ll find out soon enough.

Update for you and @MikeH: I found an old email that says the fan puts out 200 CFM. That might have changed but is likely to be correct.

@karaelena, I can’t tell you it’s a bad idea, just that it’s not what we designed for so I have no idea what’d happen.


Great - thanks!

I think it’s safe to say that if it starts pulling material out through the exhaust port it’s probably too much pull LOL


“What are all these coasters doing on the lawn…?” LOL


Possible uses of an overpowered exhaust fan:

  1. Launching system for makeshift clay pidgeon (wooden coaster) shooting (Pull! Bang!)
  2. potato gun
  3. automatic thrower for pet dog (Fetch!)
  4. birthday candle assistant (more than one way to blow all those candles out ;-))
  5. leaf blower

Looks like a new line of uses for our GF!

(in case it doesn’t come through in text, yes, I’m joking)