Smokey Hill Pattern Ply really smokes

Need an experienced user of the Pattern ply on plywood to help. Or anyone that knows please shout out! I just started printing on a piece of the Pattern Ply and it’s really pretty stuff for my project. However, I am afraid someone will call the fire department! It’s smoking seemingly beyond reason, and I wonder if this is common for this product or should I be cutting the back of it rather than the front or will that eliminate smoke? This is my first cut or print on anything other than what I purchased at Glowforge. Many thanks for any help
!! Karen

I have cut lots of PatternPly and never had any excess smoke. I don’t think it is the product. I cut it on medium draftboard settings. Are you certain your fans are clean and your exhaust clear?


Have you cut a lot of MDF before, like draftboard? PatternPly is just some printed MDF, and MDF does create a lot of smoke when burned.


No I haven’t cut a lot of MDF, and from the responses I may be jumping the gun on the amount of smoke. These are the things as a beginner I really need to know and I thank you for the info! Karen

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Thank s for the answer!! I’ll double check but I am sure we are all clear on the exhaust system. It’s all new and double checked as it was installed. Thank you! Karen

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