Smooth Sailing

You guys get hammered every day with problems of one sort or another, I figured it would be a nice switch to tell you how happy I am with the team(s) efforts.

I have noticed how much quicker my files are processed and ready to print, that is such a welcome change! Nice work there. :+1:
Also, I just received my latest :proofgrade: order and it was perfect. The box was crisp and well sealed. Somebody got the attention of the vendor. Well Done.

As I sneak up on the end of a year’s ownership, I have one suggestion. It would be great if there were a parts catalog posted for us. I’m really wanting to know what a replacement tube will cost. Seems like that should be a known metric. Can I has the benefit of that? Pretty please?


Thanks for the suggestion! And thanks, too, for the kind words. Everyone here works very hard to make Glowforge the best it can be, so we appreciate your feedback!