Snap and Store and Rotate and Refer: 3/13/18 Latest Improvements


Little box of Om

Thanks Rita! :sunglasses:


Love that we can rotate rasters now! What a great help that is!!


Oh cool…love the little box. Thanks @Rita! :grinning:




A quick and casual check suggests that as a side benefit, flipped bitmaps no longer crash the app.


New users will get this instead of the plaque. You’ll get both!

At the moment, I appear to have neither.


Good that things keep improving.

One question though. I have clicked that X to drop the updates off the screen numerous times, but it appears again with each new session.

Wouldn’t it be more intuitive if it only appeared when something new was added, instead of each time the browser is opened?

Not only for the wider design window, but when it popped up anew, then you would know to read it instead of grumbling and tapping the X again.
Just sayin…


Hey, thanks for that box–it looks like fun! I’m seeing it (and the plaque) way down at the very beginning of the design list.


They haven’t said specifically, but my guess is the Snap & Store is for proper overnight storage of one’s unicorn.


I really like the little box. I can see myself making that whereas I never cared much for the plaque. And it’s fantastic that we can now rotate raster images…a big improvement. Thanks team Glowforge!


@Rita, doesn’t this box violate your own branding guideline?

While I’ll likely always call my Glowforge a Glowforge, the guide states that a Glowforge should never be referred to as such, but as a “Glowforge brand laser cutter” or some such nonsense. But the box says “made on a Glowforge” which violates that guide.


Shhhhhh! For gosh sakes don’t let the FNLs hear you! :shushing_face:


I’d love to try out the snap box… But… Hopefully soon it will show up for me? Anyone know when it should be there?

Edit: Well, that was easy. I got it! If it was perfect timing coincidence, then cool. But if you’re not seeing it, try buying something from the catalog.


These “Latest Improvements” posts aren’t visible to me unless I come across them in a search of the forum… is that the same for everyone else?


Visible on the user interface for the Glowforge. Also at


Indeed. Sorry, I specifically meant posts like these on the forums.

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