Snap and Store Box - amount of plywood?

Hi there,
I’m working on ordering plywood supplies for multiple copies of the Snap and Store Box. I’m a little confused on the amount of wood required as listed under the Materials Suggested on the store webpage.
It says that the design takes 2 sheets of the Medium Maple Plywood.
But, if you open it in the app, the design appears to easily fit on one Standard-sized sheet (honestly it looks like you could print out 3 of these on one sheet).
Am I correct in thinking that you only need one 12x20 sheet for this box?
Is the store suggesting 2 sheets because the design actually has 2 parts? There is seemingly one design for Medium thickness and one for Light thickness. Also, are these 2 parts/designs completely the same, or are the notches in the Light design adjusted for the difference in thickness? And, why is there a Light part/design at all when there’s a Note on the shop page stating that the design is “Not Compatible with Light Plywood or Thick Plywood”?


Yes, I think you’re correct that you only need one sheet.
I also think you’re right that it’s suggesting two, because it has the two separate designs (one for medium, one for light).

The notches are adjusted.
The medium one is 0.125" whereas the light is 0.111"
It’s kind of interesting to me that proofgrade light and medium are so close to each other.

I suspect they added the light design sometime after that note was added. It should probably be updated.

I thought there was a way to report a problem with a design, but I’m not seeing it just now. I’m sure someone else knows where that is. =P


Your link is broken but I printed one of these years ago to store spare change in and I am sure you could get three from one sheet.


Weird. Link worked when I tried it this morning.
And now I can’t find that design in the shop.

Maybe they took it down to fix it =P

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A day later but I checked last time I had the app open this morning, and three will fit on a single sheet just fine.


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