Snap Marks Where Are You?

When are the Snap Marks coming back? I have see so many great things made with them and down loaded this templet when I first got my GF over a year ago. The snap marks were never an option in my GF Plus. I know it was available for beta testing for a select group of GF but it really should be available for the Premium Members.

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I can’t find the post but if I recall correctly this may be a premium feature at some point. I still think it was enabled on devices that supported it during the beta but they have not rolled it out or enabled it on new machines yet.

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Kind of a logic puzzle.

  • Some users had Snapmarks enabled.
  • Some users subscribed to Premium.
  • Not all users with Premium have Snapmarks.
  • Some users with Premium have Snapmarks.
  • No users without Premium currently have Snapmarks.

I still have Snapmarks.


I thought you hadn’t subscribed to Premium?

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I was purposely vague when discussing Premium. Could not think of a reason for me to subscribe to Premium since I don’t use any of the features, and don’t care about the speed improvements. So was trying to avoid even the appearance that I thought others should subscribe. I try not to post anything good or bad about the company beyond concerns about communication. I like remaining neutral in all the food fights.


So you DID subscribe? Now I’m completely confused. I thought you had said you didn’t. Your logic puzzle says you did.

[Also, FWIW, I don’t think it says anything bad about the company to not subscribe to Premium. And vice versa. Either it works for you or it doesn’t.]

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I read it more like this is how it’s supposed to be… But implying that maybe he falls outside of that somehow. Maybe he’s a wizard, Harry. :smiley:

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No, never said I did, or didn’t sign up for Premium in any post after I made the decision. I played Devils advocate a bunch. Folks may have assumed one way or the other.

My point was that I won’t encourage or discourage folks to do something unless I’m absolutely sure they won’t have regrets. And I don’t know anyone here well enough to make that call. Same reason I have never provided my referral code.

I don’t know, but I’ve given up trying to figure it out. :slight_smile:

Must be it.

They stopped working on snapmarks when they came up with the camera calibration process and set focus. I have found that after running camera calibration and using set focus 100% of the time that my alignment is as good as when I used snapmarks. Dan did state that they plan on resuming work on snapmarks in the future and release it as one of the features of premium. That is the only reason I have subscribed to premium is for the snapmarks. I have a number of jigs with snapmarks on them for ceramic tiles, buisness cards, etc so I still like to use them.

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Wait - Snapmarks is a feature of premium?

Gotcha. :+1:

Can I ask for beta access?


I still have Snapmarks as an option, but the last few times I have tried to use them, they were not recognized by the camera.

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The beta has since been closed, so unlikely?

Hi there! Thanks for your interest in Snapmark. Unfortunately, it is no longer available for additional customers to receive access. We recently announced that we’ve stopped work on Snapmark but more importantly, that the work on Snapmark enabled us to provide the new lid camera calibration tool.

I’m going to close this thread - if you have additional questions you can create a new post or contact us at