Snapmark issues

I’m just starting to use the Snapmark feature. It seems like it has good promise, but it’s been temperamental as hell for us. With the exact same jig in almost exactly the same spot, it will find the Snapmarks one time, and then can’t find them the next time.
One thing that bugs me is why they didn’t just use something like QR codes for the Snapmarks? I get that it’s cool to use the logo, but I can’t imagine from a machine-reading standpoint that it’s the easiest symbol to find. Why not something with higher contrast, redundancy, some error correction, etc? Some materials (like a softer or darker wood) don’t have amazing contrast levels. We’re spending WAY more time fussing with moving the jig around so it can find the Snapmarks, we’re about to go back to just aligning our jig with the edges of the tray like we did before.

I’ve read the info about keeping the stroke lines the same width, etc, but we just haven’t found a consistent way to get them to be recognized. Anyone else have any other suggestions?

I doubt you’ll get assistance here in problems and support. I would post this back to the original Snapmark thread, where they asked for the feedback/problems/etc.

Either way, it’s tough to assist with the problems you’re having without knowing exactly how you’re using the Snapmarks and where it’s failing.

To use them successfully, two cameras are being relied upon, I believe (possibly incorrect) but at least the head camera. I’d make sure that they are within the range of where the head camera can see, and also that everything on the bottom of the head is clean. If the marks are too far to the side of the camera is dirty, it will lead to failures.

I would imagine that they used the mark they did because it can be quickly scored, rather than QR code which would have to be engraved and take significantly longer. I’m not also sure how that would solve the contrast issues really. Seems like it would just be more points for failure?


If the problem is a contrast issue with dark material then that is easily solved by scoring the snapmarks on a light masking material. If needed, I stick a couple pieces of masking tape at the locations of the marks and then score them.


The times we’ve had trouble with snapmarks have been when the contrast wasn’t so good. Also, when scoring them, lower the speed and the power to get a darker version.


Thanks for the feedback. The Snapmark feature is still in beta, so the support team is can’t help with troubleshooting yet, but you can receive support here: Introducing Snapmark (September 2018)