Is there any update on the snapmark feature roll out? I still don’t have it on my Pro if its supposed to be there.



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It’s random, in a way. If you read the original thread it will explain which machines get it.

Yeah but that was like what 9 months ago? Lol

The thread keeps fairly active and that question is asked often. It is still dependent on each machine and it takes individual attention to put it out in a machine. That is still the current practice. No change announced at this time that I am aware of.

It is a beta feature. It might be discontinued or it might morph into something else, or maybe get a wider release. Still nothing announced.

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Thanks for the info…wasn’t sure if I missed anything in the announcements.

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There is news just today! Snapmark work stopped

I’m going to close this thread, but please post or write us if you have more questions.