Snapmarks for the rest of us?!

So tired of things being out of alignment. I make things in mass and would benefit greatly from Snapmarks. What is the latest on getting them out to the rest of us? Why the hold up? At the minimum I feel we need an update on them!! Please something meaningful like when we could expect them. Thanks.

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Still in Beta. You can follow the progress on the Introducing Snapmark thread if you want to keep up with how it’s going.

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There have been no official updates in months.

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Yep. I thought I’d seen something from Dan recently but can’t find it now. (It didn’t release dates, just that it was still in beta.)

I don’t know if you know of making your own custom jigs, I apologize if you do already. I put this video together on how to create them if it helps you before you get snap markers in the mean time:

The one thing I left out in the video is if you leave the made jig in the same spot and the same open file in the same spot you should be able to use it over and over until you move it. So if all you cut is 800 of the same item and leave everything the same like in the video you can use it over and over endlessly until your done with the 800 items.

Hope this helps, if you knew about them please disregard this message.


I had snap marks on my last machine but my replacement was not so lucky apparently. I put in a begging email to support. I hope they can get it back for me.

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Yep know all about jigs. Thanks for posting it is just not the same as having the percision of snapmarks.

@dan @bonny Any updates you could give us on Snapmarks and when they would or could be available?

You should direct your questions and comments @bonny in this thread;

No one will respond about it from problems and support.

He has.

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Thanks everyone for the advice! Introducing Snapmark is the best place to check on the latest on Snapmarks.