Snapmarks not working anymore

Did something happened with snapmarks?
I know is not being developed anymore but I was one of the lucky ones to get it before they stop.
I was just using it this afternoon and now every time I click on the magnet icon it says.
Calibrating the head of your glowforge. This can take a few minutes, and nothing ever snaps
I have already restart the glowforge and my computer several times but still the same problem.

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Has been a few weeks since I used them, but just read another thread and it mentioned there were some cloud/connection issues today, so may not be issue with snap marks, but connection in general?? I sure hope they didn’t kill SM feature!

My Snapmarks stopped working today also. I have 1 more item to cut with it and it stopped! Hoping it gets back up soon.

Not sure if Support will even try to remedy that since it’s not even a thing anymore.
I also wonder if they broke it in favor of something new and improved!

We had a minor update today that broke Snapmarks. I’m sorry for the inconvenience! The team has been working to bring it back online.