Hi so I was just wondering when we will get the Snapmarks app? Really need it… I know we’ve been given the tutorial on aligning with jigs etc but I’m not really getting used to it :slightly_frowning_face:.


The Glowforge motto: only say something when you have something new to say.

So for now all the info they will tell us is:
It’s a beta program.
It’s rolling out to forges based on internal metrics.
No, they won’t share the metrics.
It may vanish outright.
It may vanish with a better replacement.
I like pie.


Lol ok. :zipper_mouth_face: but I would have hoped the Passthrough was easier to use.

Well, this is supposed to be one of those intermediary steps to attain the simple pass through advertised. They just won’t say what the next step is until they’re announcing “whaterver is now rolling out.”

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Hmm… Maybe should have gone for the basic Glowforge in that case.

Wait… is there pie?

If it’s pecan, that may keep me happy until I get Snapmarks. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for your interest in Snapmark. We are really excited about it, too!

As we mentioned in the Glowforge Community topic, there are a lot of factors that go into setting up testers with this experimental feature. The engineering team is determining each step of the rollout. Unfortunately, I can’t affect that process for you.

If we do make it available to everyone, or if your machine is chosen for the rollout during the testing phase, you’ll see the Snapmark icon appear in your Workspace. In the mean time, keep an eye here on the community for more information.