Snow Globe Ornament

I posted this ornament in the Great Ornament Showoff thread, and got a request for more detail on how I did it, so here ya go!


Very simple: there are two circles of 1/8" acrylic and an ornament outline bezel shape of 1/4" acrylic with about a 1/4" width. The top of the bezel shape is a square knob shape that has a deep engrave on one side for filling the globe using a syringe. The snow bank and snowman are from 1/8" white acrylic and the snowman’s hat and “Let It Snow” are from 1/8" black acrylic.

The order of construction is, bottom layer circle of 1/8" acrylic; adhere the 1/4" bezel piece with the engrave face up using acrylic cement. Glue down the snow bank, hat, and greeting with acrylic cement. Take some glitter and get it damp, then place it inside the bezel. The water will keep it from jumping around while you are constructing. Glue on the top circle of 1/8" acrylic. Now with a syringe, fill the globe with water to which you have added about a teaspoon of glycerin.

Plugging the top hole is what I’m still working on. I tried adding silicone sealant but it was too close to the water and wouldn’t cure. I think I will make a plug from silicon mold making material, let it dry separately, then plug the hole.

I need to make a slight adjustment to the file, then I will post it in Free Laser Designs.

Update: Design file added here.


This is so awesome cynd! The effect is mesmerizing. :snowman::cloud_with_snow:

What about an acrylic plug for the top with maybe silicon sealant? You might have to adjust the top opening a bit though. Something like this.


Thanks for the suggestion–I’ll look into it!

I think my best advice is going to be: make the silicon plug before filling the ornament with water. Then you can take it out, fill with water, and replace the plug. Otherwise the silicon never cures because the water wicks up by capillary action.


Would a dab of UV-cured resin on top of the plug make a permanent water-tight seal? (Guess who received a Bondic pen in their stocking?)


Thanks for the suggestion, but UV resin is very picky about other substances being present, including water. I’d have to leave a huge bubble at the top for it to be dry enough.

That makes sense. My poorly-stated musing was more along the lines of “doming” over the silicon plug as opposed to replacing it.:wink:

Such a cool design!

Beautiful ornament! Thanks for sharing your process.

Fantastic job @cynd11! :grinning::+1:

(I wonder if just a plain old melted beeswax plug wouldn’t work?)