Snowflake Name Ornaments

I’d seen these cut from brass a few years ago, but figured I’d see how they work on the Glowforge. Since the acrylic is transparent, both sides are the readable… I think I’ll be making more of these before the holidays are over.


Those are so cute! Love it!!


Nice work! The acrylic catches the tree lights well. :sunglasses:
I have done small ones with a hole in the middle to insert a light in and get some edge-lit action going…


You’re inspiring me to make these, so cute!


That is so nice; I wish I could think up stuff like this. That’s why I hangout here, y’all are wonderfully creative. And you share.



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Oh, the giftees will love those!

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Very pretty.

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These are really cute. I’ve been looking everywhere, without luck, to find out how to make these nameflakes. Can someone please share a link to a tutorial?
Thanks :blush:

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I don’t have a tutorial, but it’s pretty easy:

1 - Create a name in a font you like.
2 - Copy, then paste.
3 - Flip Horizontal, then move it to align it to the other one. Now you should have two names that look like a reflection.
4 - Select both.
5 - Copy, then paste.
6 - Flip Vertical, then move them to align it opposite the other ones. Now you should have four names that look like reflections on two different planes.
7 - Select all four.
8 - Copy, then paste.
9 - Rotate those 60 degrees, then move them to align them opposite the other ones.
10 - Paste again.
11 - Rotate those MINUS 60 degrees, then move them to align them opposite the other ones.

Poof. Name flake.

(If you have trouble with the alignment, you can type a comma, then 4 or 5 spaces BEFORE the name, then use the tip of the comma as a reference point to help align the different name sets.)

If you need more help, @geek2nurse just created a different tutorial with examples at Name Snowflakes


That was so easy! Thank you so much! :blush:

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How do i make cutlines to transfer to the GF from AI.