Snowflake Ornament Gift Box - Personal Use

You are welcome! And thank you!

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So I miniaturized your box to a small box but kept your hinges and closure, and adapted to cherry ply kerf, etc. Then changed up the lids. Victor knows me well enough that I want four boxes out of one sheet, not one. :rofl:


Cardstock and wood panel backing.

Two layers of veneer and a wooden panel backing.

Have not applied your genius veneer strips - to fiddly for my shaky hands, so recipients are just going to love it the way it is.


HAHA! Looks great!!! Love the Card Stock!


Very pretty modification.




very pretty

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Help! I uploaded your file and started to make it. I am still pretty new to GF. I put in the sheet of wood and it cut all the intricate design out but not the edge of the box. Then I tried putting it back in to just cut around and it wouldn’t line up. I put another piece of wood in and hit ignore on the engraving part and just cut out the wood. When I went back to engrave the detail it stops the print and says the artwork is not enclosed and to edit it. How do I do that?

Did you try making it yet?

Not sure why you are having an issue. Also, there are no engraves. It should be scored. I have made 4 of these and have had zero problems. You will never be able to realign the cuts if you take it out. One layer will be cut and the other score.

It cut out all the intricate stuff. Do I hit ignore on that? I think something is wrong with my Glowforge.

Did you follow the instructions for cut/score/engrave? The Glowforge only does what it is told to do, so I doubt there is a machine error in this case.

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Always need to make sure the entire project is within the allowable engrave/score/cut areas.
They are different (for reasons I am not going onto here), so need to be verified once material is chosen and operations have been selected and you are fixing to select Print.

Notice it was mentioned all was a score, not an engrave. Might be the issue.

Thank you for your reply. It wasn’t a total waste I got two boxes. I will try again.

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I am resurrecting this thread to thank you for the recommendation on this acrylic! I bought some right after you posted this, but hadn’t gotten around to doing anything with it until tonight. It is absolutely the coolest thing! It looks great out of the box, but man after taking off the masking, I sat there staring at it for like 5 minutes! Didn’t bother trying to take a picture, it just doesn’t do it justice. I only wish I had ordered more than 2 sheets of it now, because she really is out.


This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

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What acrylic was that?

From this post:

Doesn’t look like there was any more in stock, maybe there are other sources. I ordered two of them back then, and I just got around to using them. Really cool stuff!

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Thank you! This is so beautiful!


Amazing design! Thank you for sharing!

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You are welcome. It definitely is one of my favorites from this year!