So a Les Paul body (at least the back) will fit!


My son and I are building him a Les Paul style guitar using wood from a tree that was in his grandparents’ front lawn the whole time he was growing up (and the whole time I was, for that matter). We wanted to engrave an image of the tree when it was a sapling into the back, I was surprised that it fit. Nothing too fancy, but maybe an heirloom in the making.


Wow! What a project and story. Can’t wait to see the finished product.


Oh, way cool! Do be sure to update with the end product when finished.


The GF will allow you to do a really nice pickguard when you’re ready too!


Right! I’m planning to use it for that and the control covers on the back.


Sweet story! (And great engrave!) :sunglasses:


Engraving a guitar body is on my long to do list. Glad to see it worked well.


Nice use of grain.


You’re being too humble



What a fun project!


This is awesome. Great story, and can’t wait to see the finished product. Looks fantastic!


Wow! Very cool. Also, I can’t believe this would fit in there!


Wow… just… droool!


Really cool,

My dad has made turned items from “family trees” as well.

I made my wife a backscratcher from a limb from a Holly tree that was in the yard of the house she bought.

great stuff.


Nice! Les Pail bodies are slightly wider than the GF cutting area is deep (~13.125”) but it’s good to know that they’ll fit in the chassis. I imaging that means a Strat or Tele body would as well.


That’s just so cool. Someone want me to make a veneered front to his guitar he’s making and a personalised ‘scratch plate’ if that’s what it’s called. To know it fits is great. Make sure you put the finished guitar on for us to see.


I’ve been haunting the local Facebook marketplace pages looking for a cheap, bolt-on neck guitar that I can test drive in the Glowforge without risking my actual Strat. Looks good. Good luck!


Awesome project! I hope you show the progress and completed guitar. Relevant song:
“Thirteen Years” by Tim Grimm and the Family Band


Thanks for the kind words and encouragement, everyone. Getting closer. We’ll be using the Glowforge to make the pick guard, control covers and truss rod cover (and maybe new escutcheons for the pickups). He’s excited to play it.


That’s great!