So Anxious

When Dan updated us earlier in October, my date was on the 23rd. Well, when it did not show, I emailed them. Yesterday, it was updated to the 26th. Well, I actually just got the email, and I have already said to ship it now. I wonder if there are actually people saying to delay. Anyway, now I need to get my spot ready.

For those of you that have already received your unit, how close to 6 weeks did it take?


It’s usually closer to 2-3 weeks, depending on where in the country you are.


My forecast date was the 26th and I received my email today.



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Three weeks. Well, I think it was actually 22 days.

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Congrats on the email, and you’re not alone in franticly getting the space ready. I’m building out my entire shop and I don’t know what to do first.

Good luck!

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3 weeks. 1 week of that was my glowforge hitching rides on various UPS trucks.

I received my proof grade materials a day or so ago! Unfortunately I live in KY and they ship from a Tennessee so I probably still have a week or so before I actually get my machine.

@dan the proof grade was packaged very well btw! And my Ups person didn’t throw it on my porch for a change!


Great to hear!