So... are you going to ship me my order?

I ordered some Proofgrade materials on Nov 18, and got an order confirmation (order number R105649924), but 2 and a half weeks later, the parts haven’t arrived and I haven’t received any shipping notification. I’ve emailed tech support, who said they’d get back to me, but it’s been a few days and I haven’t received any followup. Are you guys going to ship me my order, or do I need to issue a chargeback on my credit card?

I find their order/shipping times are crazy long, not really sure why.

Same here. I have 3 orders in with first one being back on November 18th as well. A few email exchanges but no product yet.

Got shipment notification on second order, but UPS says not a valid tracking number.

Track it via FedEx

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Yep. Saw that suggestion on another thread after I posted this one. Thank you very much.

sometimes their shipping times are really quick. it’s very hit or miss it seems. especially recently.

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I’m sorry for the difficulties – As we’ve approached the holidays, we had an issue that prevented a batch of orders from receiving their tracking properly, and a smaller number didn’t ship properly. We’re getting the orders straightened out and are resolving the underlying issue, too. @rasbx8, I replied to your email earlier, so will close this post now.