So fustrated

Pretty sure my new machine is a dud. it won’t cut. I’ve emailed support, sent pics and done the exercises they tell you to do. I still haven’t had a response (other than an automatic response). I’ve tried calling multiple times, I am on hold for 20 mins and then it goes to voicemail.

I think the lens on the side is damaged.

So fustrated, I’m a nurse and this is my weekend off, I wanted to spend the weekend playing :frowning:
I would at least expect a response from support!


So I have just figured out that that window is NOT ALIGNED with the laser very well.

I unscrewed the piece in the pic below, cleaned it on the inside, and tried a test print.

I cut out a small circle in the top left hand corner of the piece of draftboard, worked great. I then tried the same cut in the bottom right. The laser did not go into the middle of that window, and hit on the frame of that widow, causing a flash (I was stood right there and hit stop as soon as it happened)

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Fortunately that is just a window, not a lens. And it screws out so it can be replaced easily.

As soon as they can get it arranged, they’ll set you up with a replacement. (Not a big deal, if that’s all it is.) Sorry you don’t get to play right away though, that’s a definite let down.

But hang in there, fun times are ahead.


Looking at it I would not expect it to make a huge difference in cutting ability. There is plenty on the surface to reduce cutting ability.

In any case, you can get a replacement window easily enough if the difference in money is less important than your available time.
Printer Head Window (Black) | Glowforge

did you see my update… the laser is not going through that window

I would then take a hard look and post a photo of the window under the left hand side and make sure it is screwed in properly and that part not loose somehow. Properly installed I don’t think there is much room for improper aiming.


In that case, you’ll also need to check the placement of the mirror in the top of the head…if it’s not aligned, that can cause issues.

(And they can also replace the head if it’s necessary, but it’s not usually quite as quick as the window replacement.)

If you can shoot a picture of the window under the left side of the laser arm, and the mirror as well, then post them here that will help them to see what’s going on and speed things up.
(Might as well take a picture of the lens while you’re at it…check for damage there too and get it out of the way.)

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So I have just figured out that that window is NOT ALIGNED with the laser very well.

More than likely the opposite - the laser isn’t aligning very well with that window. The beam gets steered a few times by mirrors that are supposed to be precisely aligned. In some cases, it appears that this alignment gets thrown off somewhere after the machine being calibrated and tested and you receiving it. From the description of your problem, Glowforge will be replacing the machine since the alignment is not a user-serviceable thing.


@billington5 I am so sorry your new Glowforge printer is not cutting through your material as it should.

It looks like you sent us an email regarding this issue. I’m going to go ahead and close this forum post and follow up with you there.

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