So how easy was it

Ok, for those who didn’t see (and you should that pic was a heavy setup job) I got my PRU today. So how easy was it?

Well I didn’t get the manual, so here is the story, and I have to say @dan this thing is easier to set up than my HP laser jet was…

I took the day off from work (because - GlowForge!)

Since I have been on nights leading up to now (ugh), I haven’t even had time since @rita informed me last week to prep the area. I will be moving my 3D printers into an enclosure I built, but I have a massive production job running on them 24x7 for a medical simulation class through this week, so no time to clear off the table.

So ran down to the basement found some scrap 1/2" ply, grabbed a 4 1/4" hole saw and a spare dryer duct/louvered opening, and cut it out to fit in our family room window. I used split pipe insulation to seal it into the sash. Worked perfectly.

OK, so first Fedex punked me all day. I can basically see the fedex regional center from my house (there are actually trees in the way, but I can see the buildings next door) and it is about 2 minutes by car. The tracing app looked like this:

So I didn’t do anything that would make me unavailable once my wife left for the day early on. So when did it get delivered?

Yes, a staggering 8 hours later at around 4:45.

Now the problem was my wife is at a meeting all day so I had to pick our baby up (as opposed to our new baby, who I think I love more already - hey don’t judge, the love between a man and his laser is very special…) since he is still 2 weeks away from having his license (although ironically he does have his pilot’s license, he just can’t drive to the airport)…

So I had 30 minutes total 2 get this thing unpacked, assembled, print the ruler and then the project for the photo.

So opened the boxes and since I didn’t have a manual (other than the email from support to make sure in addition to the little orange things I remove the foam block on the left) I removed the obvious red and orange things (sort of like a HP printer if you’ve ever done one of those) and the foam block. Took the tray out of the box and slid it in. There are little divots that it sits in.

Plugged it in (sorry, it’s just a black IEC cord, no red one). And there was a whole lot of gurgling as the air ran through the cooling line as you see in the picture below.

At this point around 7.5 minutes have elapsed. The clock is ticking!!!

So closed the lid, and turned it on. Opened the app site and it asked me to connect to the wifi of the glow forge. I did, and then it asked me about which network is mine + password. It also asked for the name. A few seconds later it started to self-check/configure, which took around 3 minutes.

OMG, now we are over 11 minutes in!

So as soon as it looked like it was ready I threw in a piece of the proof grade maple, and selected the ruler, dragged it to the corner. Adjusted the settings from automatic to manual as support had told me with their new settings. Checked that it had to cut set to cut, engrave set to engrave, and pressed print in the corner.

Now ran over to ValleyForge and pressed the big pulsing button, and then lasing started to happen.

Man, box on front step to first lase in <13 minutes!

yeah @dan, ya done good.

Ok, but now the real test, I needed to make the giant GF logo (note I had earlier in the day brought it into AI, done the trace and exported as a SVG - note there was a weird bug on import which I will report, but I reimported it and voila). Loaded some Home Depot birch 1/8" ply and dragged it out, used the manual settings and pressed go.

6 minutes later it was done. I grabbed it (there were a few spots that didn’t quite cut through for whatever reason - utility knife cut through these thin spots). I grabbed the Glowforge-Teal Glitter Krylon spray paint and a coat hanger through the hanging hole I made (for the umbilical cord) and frantically sprayed it.

It wasn’t even dry, when I pulled out the door a few minutes later to get my son, and drive over to the hospital… So when you look at the picture, those marks on the surface are where the paint rubbed off on the newspaper in my trunk…



Can’t wait to see what you make!!


Congrats! Love the delivery pic in the other post!!


Congratulations! I am so happy for you! You have been a great source of knowledge of all things, and I am excited to see what issues you have, if any, and what you make.


Ummm…at the bottom of that email should have been an attachment called the Glowforge Basic Manual (it’s a PDF). No attachment to that email?


no, it’s mentioned but not attached… I emailed @rita already


That should be a link to the .pdf


Haha. Oh yeah. Sorry, it was buried in a giant pile of text near the bottom below the signature…


Yep, very last line in my email. :slight_smile:


I’ve read books and seen movies less intense then your post. Awesome! I’m so excited to see how you cure disease and improve global health with your GF.

Remember me in your Nobel speach…


Seriously, quite impressed how fast you where able to get from pick box up from doorstep to finished print! Especially without reading the manual (which likely would have delayed the print a bit)


love the way you wrote this up. and so glad you got one as everything you post is so damn fascinating cant wait to see what you have in mind for integration with you labs


Oh, super useful tip. I didn’t have anyone to help, but I had a furniture dolly right by the door (the flat type covered with carpet). The box slid right on top of it, and rolled right through the house (the box is BIG, so barely fit through our kitchen front doorway [and our house is new, totally ADA compliant]) and right up to where its temporary home.


ValleyForge—love the name! Congrats! :slight_smile:


Wow…what a story…I felt all the emotions as you navagated through your experiences…what a fun ride. :grin:


Surprised you of all people weren’t able to get an old gurney as your Glowforge table. I can imagine with how you are spreading 3D printing and 3D design around the hostpital that the Valleyforge will be making the rounds eventually as well.


Your baby has a pilot’s license…? My but you’re a gifted family!

Great to see the deliveries of these pre-release units happening.


This is so cool! I’m delighted to see it come together so fast!

I heard your unit has a focus problem with the lid camera - we’ve seen that on a few units recently and are working to get to the bottom of it now for you (and everyone else).

Can’t wait to see what you make!


Not slowing me down. I’m sure at some point it might interfere with some super precision alignment, but not so blurry that I’m not going to make an honest effort to determine tube life! Must finish breakfast, oh never mind just one more laser test…


I just had to turn mine to fix the focus. Are there’s glued down/unchangable?