So how long do I wait?

I cut something yesterday and it took about 3 minutes to “compute” the design and start cutting. Today it’s been “computing” for 10 minutes. Ideas?

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In my experience it has to do with the file complexity, things like node count or having nested vectors.
If you can share the file here I’ll bet one of the wizards here could figure it out.


Sure that make sounds like a long time to wait but that is wayyy faster then my other laser cutters. Premium certainly has its perks with some stuff like that timing but if it is taking that long then I would certainly agree with @PrintToLaser that your design might be complex.

Unless your design is ridiculously complicated - 10s of thousands of nodes - it shouldn’t take more than ~5 minutes. 10 minutes and something failed. Most commonly there is an issue in your art. 2nd most common is that your WiFi dropped out and now your web browser is stuck.

Cancel, clear the cache on your browser, and try a :glowforge: provided design (Gift of Good Measure) - presuming that uploads just fine then try your art again. If it sticks, there’s likely an issue with it. Too many nodes, or lots of duplicated items are common issues.


HI @jglazer. I understand you ran into some long rendering time to load your design in the Glowforge app. As others have mentioned, there are many factors that can create longer processing and rendering of designs, especially with complex designs. I have a couple links below that may help if you are continuing to run into any trouble.

First, it could help to verify that the design is optimized and prepared for use with the Glowforge app by checking out the following:

Next, if you are continuing to see designs taking longer to process, you can try @deidrebeth suggestion of running our Gift of Good Measure of Design:

If you notice that design taking longer than 5 minutes to process, let us know and we can continue any needed troubleshooting. Thank you!

You can close this topic. Rather than wait 4 days for a response I worked it out myself.


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