So I married a serial killer

I’m pretty sure I married a serial killer. As you may remember my wife is a veterinarian (and medical director of her hospital) so she is constantly bringing me “crafts projects” for the hospital (like the cat shelves) so this time she came to me that they give each owner a small picture frame from Michaels (1$) with the photo of the animal (and previously a paw print on the side), but now she wanted premade ones. The first challenge is that they don’t come with glass of any kind in the frame (what do you want for a buck) so had to use the trace function for the little fake photo in the middle since I tried measuring and free handing the heart shape in CAD was always off by about a mm; so with tracing the clear :proofgrade: acrylic works great. So next was masking each one (this BB ply has a lot of smoke staining), and then masking down the side. Unfortunately she just came home with an entire shopping bag of the things… 12min/per is going to take a long time!

(now when she euthanizes that fake Mom and her daughter she can give the ArtMinds people a nice frame to remember them by… what a considerate serial killer!)


Too funny!

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What a nice idea! (poor you!) :smile:

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That’s a tough part of her job. Good on you for helping!


Jeez! I scanned the picture and the message first and my heart just sank. Then I read the text and all well…what a roller coaster. Great work!

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Yeah, once Michael’s can’t use them for frame-filler they get placed in the model-pound. If nobody rescues them she takes care of it… :grinning:

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Considering everything you do, all the amazing things you do, and your profession, I find that hilarious.

A pity about the models in the photo.

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Thanks for posting this! I just bought the exact same thing at Michaels to make a Mother’s Day gift for my mother is law. Do you recall the settings you used? It would be great if we could share preset settings on common Michaels, Joann’s, HomeDepot materials in some standardized way!

I engraved at 300/16 and 0.38” material.

Thank you so much. Mother’s Day project is now done!

I’m going to stock up on these. They engrave beautifully and are cheap when you have the Michaels coupons.

My wife buys them by the shopping bag.