Feature Request: Move saved jobs up in list when re-lasered

After having my GF since the PRU days you can imagine there are TON of prior jobs in the list. There is one job (the frames from this post)

which I re-run frequently as my wife needs “refills” every few weeks. The challenge is it is way, way down the list (like 4+ pages). So I would love it if the list is in chronological ordering of last lasered. That way when I’m doing a run (that job has 2 files, one for the frame and one for the acrylic hearts) I don’t have to scroll way down each time. This is similar to how a folder on your computer is arranged when you have it in last modified order (each time you touch a file it goes to the top)


Just go to it and click upper right to make a Copy.
Your copy of will be on the top of your list now and the origin still lives where it was.
Quick fix until they do folders or sorting etc.


that’s a good workaround, hadn’t thought about doing that (although of course that exacerbates the gajillion things in the list problem :grinning:)


If you rename an object it also moves to the top of the list!


That’s a good tip. You can actually rename to the same name, just changing the capitalization, and it will move to the top, too.


Thanks, everyone, for the hot tips!

I’ve passed your request on to the team, thanks for sharing.