So much better than a Cameo!



As my husband mentioned, I’ve been waiting not-so-patiently for this low-power mode, and now that it’s here I’ve been doing a non-stop happy dance. Here is my first attempt at a low power cut that could have never worked on a vinyl cutter:


Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending June 24th, 2017

OH so pretty.
What material am I looking at?


That detail is incredible! Nice :hedgie:


WOW that is crazy small detail


So delicate and pretty!! Fantastic!


It’s textured cardstock I got from Walmart so no real details on the packaging…I’m guessing around 65 pound weight?


So nice! What’s the size of that thing?


230mm (~9") diameter, the little swirls have a thickness of about 1.5mm


This is so cool! I am so happy with these results!


Oh wow. Pretty decent size then. Really fascinating to look at I must say. Reminds me of the ironwork we had on my basement steps when I was a kid.


Hopefully this helps with visualizing the sizing:


Oh wow Kara - I love this!


If it feels about the thickness of manilla hanging folder cardstock, it’ll be about 110-125lb weight


As a crafter with a digital cutter (I have a BossKut) - this is so much nicer. I hate cutting paper with it. I wish we could cut decals with the Glowforge. Can wait until ours comes


Looks like my cameo will cut just vinyl in the future :grin:




I’ve cut out some designs by hand for birthday and anniversary cards for my wife, but never this intricate. The Glowforge will so up my game when I get it!


Share a peek at your settings???


I cannot tell you how much it means to me to see folks making things like this!


Stunning! And just think–no more worn blades, no more digging all the waste bits off the sticky mat…