So much Smoke!

Just got my GF a couple days ago, have been cutting and trying maybe 5 prints so far, but there is too much smoke! I have read through the other posts and I know I will be asked to provide image and video so I will try to get those, but there is no way this is supposed to be this much. I am using the compact air filter with the provided hose. I know that people will say it may be the hose leaking, and that may be a little bit. But the majority of the smoke I see is around the top glass piece. It seems to be coming out from every gap, and I get its supposed to be a negative air pressure to keep it in, but it does not seem like that fan is near strong enough to accomplish this.

Having spent 5k on a machine I was so excited for this has not been a pleasant start.

I followed all the advice I could see, checked fan for any gunk, inspected hose, looked at air filter etc. I then tried one print with painters tape around all the edges of the top and front, far less smoke! The thing is so quiet with the compact air filter it almost doesn’t seem to be doing anything, even so much that I once tried taking the hose off mid print to see if it was working at all, it was certainly blowing smoke correctly…but just doesn’t seem like near enough. The only one so far that did not smoke was an acrylic cut and engrave and only a tiny bit came out on that one.

Current somewhat janky setup since I don’t trust it to be in my living room. ( I tried multiple positions and lengths for hose to see if it would help with no difference)

Help please!

turn up the speed on your filter. as it fills up with junk, one needs to turn it up to compensate.


long shot, but make sure that there is no instruction pamphlet from the hose stuffed inside it blocking the airflow. That has happened to at least one other person.


Wow…I feel like an idiot. I thought for some reason that was a ticker knob to indicate how full the filter was and when to change it out. Haven’t tested yet but, ya that will probably do it. Can’t believe I missed that. Thank you!!!


Thanks for the answer @mark14, that’s right. I’m going to close this thread - if the problem reoccurs, go ahead and post a new topic. Thanks for letting us know about this!