So much success

I wanted to share this even though it isn’t a particularly creative effort. My extended family has a party every year and I’ve started my own tradition of bringing some kind of handmade favor for everybody. Last year it was these trees. I spent a lot of time over the past few weeks thinking about making some kind of unique, from scratch holiday ornament with my Glowforge, and then suddenly it was the night before the party. So I fell back to plan B and made some of these. A lot of these. 32 in a row. And the Glowforge never even broke a sweat. No errors. No failed processing. No mysterious alignment problems. No bumping the head against anything. No overheating, failure to cut through, or even needing to stop and clean the lens. It just worked. So I just wanted to say thanks to Glowforge for this wonderful tool, and thanks to @smcgathyfay for sharing that file.

Unfortunately, my ventilation leaves something to be desired. It has been fine when doing one or two small projects, but even a small leak with that much smokey, poison-filled Baltic birch plywood adds up, and my lungs hate me right now. I had to channel Walter White halfway through. Definitely need to shore it up when I get a chance.


When I saw the picture of all of cuts and scores on that wood, I pictured you standing at your GF wearing a hazmat suit. :grinning:


Nice job! Hope you sort out the leaks in the exhaust…no fun breathing burnt wood smoke…lol

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Got a pic of an assembled ornament? Looks cool.

Hehe–nice job, and you’ve got a useful box of coin cutouts for a future project. I like last year’s trees too!

Is the text in the upper right a single line font? If so, which one and where did you get it?

It’s in the second link.

Unfortunately it’s not, its just thin. In the end, I just set it to engrave and moved on.

Love the “Breaking Bad” reference! Great work!