Flat pack Star ornaments



Made some gifts for some of my customers today. I’m loving the flat pack idea.

Dropped in a piece of red acrylic for the center

Wooden Holiday Ornament Card
So much success


Thanks for sharing and the distraction!


So cool! Thanks for the crisp orthogonal overhead shot, perfect for gf tracing. Kidding!!!


Nice work. Great design.


Very neat! One of Dan’s best decisions was to keep you on the forum!!!


Sweeeet! :smile:


These are great. I like how the cut still conveys a star before the pieces are popped out. Super clever.


Lol you could always ask for the file and I might just share…:stuck_out_tongue:


I actually thought of doing a double cut and making the cut out a bigger ornament.


I’d love to make these for friends & family. Next year… :pray:


Are these cut all the way through or left with just a little bit to hold it all together for the recipient to punch out the rest of the way?


There are little tabs that are scored on the front but still attached on the back to keep them in…pop out for assembly.


Once again I will say great work.
I may just draw something like that.


Wow, such a great design! And I would LOVE a copy of the file–you are so generous!


wonderful design i also would love a copy of the file


Not really my original design…just saw it and adapted it. I’ll try to remember to post it when I get back in my office…


Heres the file…Corel doesn’t like exporting to .svg accuratly so its a .pdf
twinkle star.pdf (17.2 KB)


Green center is much needed because green is the best.


I have silver and gold glitter acrylic too which would look really nice but I just had more of the red available on hand


Thank you! :slight_smile: