So my Glow Forge shipped on April 23, 2018

After receiving it and getting countless delays on the air filter to this day I still haven’t received it and as a result I haven’t event fully turned on the machine. As my warranty runs out in two weeks is there anything I should check for powering it up today that anyone feels may have been a lemon with their machine so I can double check all the components are working ok?

Is there any extended warranty I can purchase even so I don’t end up with a dead machine before really using it?

I purchased the device under my American Express card warranty guarantee and they technically will cover it another year. But I’d want to make sure I had an opportunity to test out any kinks before making a claim should I be a lemon after the warranty period.

Really don’t want to hate this machine before even using it, yes I fully accept its my own fault for not using it all year, but things change and I have a full time job now after waiting around hoping to a maker full time of interesting inventions…

Thank you all for reading and any help you can offer <3

Go through the instruction. Get it all setup. Go through the First Print instruction. Should result in an uncontrollable smile. If not, there’s some issue. Might be with the user though. :wink:

If you hit ANY issue, let us know! We’ll be happy to help.


Thank you so much Tom. I’ll hit you up if I run into anything :slight_smile:


Thank you for checking in. I’ve followed up with you in email so I’m going to go ahead and close this thread.