So the Folder are a Fail for now. 10/17 22 On Windows 11 anyway

Great idea but as always poorly executed.

First I get the white Screen than I have to refresh , sometimes it works .
Than I try to Copy other Designs into the Folder that never show up
After about 10 tries I give up trying to copy over designs.

Where I am circling the Mouse is where things are going very wrong.

Yes I have tried both google and others.

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Always a ray of sunshine.

GF doesn’t monitor the forum any more, so you’re just complaining to the wind. Send them a note with some constructive feedback and perhaps you’ll end up with a fix.

FWIW, I don’t personally think the folders are a fail, but they are definitely buggy.


Is there a work around for copying designs into the folders < its very frustrating I have like 500 designs and like 3 copied over . ugh

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I don’t think so. I also had a bunch not copy over and it’s a pain. I like having the “folders,” but they definitely are not in a finished state.


I created a different set of folders than what they had and then did a search by keyword and drag and dropped them into the folder I wanted. The plus side of their system is that you can have a folder each for Box and say Christmas an if you have a box with Christmas decorations you can drop the design into both and it will still be in the general group.

The search term must be whole words so “box” will not find “box1” but it will find “box 1” or “big box”. It was a drag that took me two days, but once done it stays done.

I did find that it sometimes took a while to show up, so when I first looked it did not show up but later it did.


I still cannot copy files that stay into the folder, and waiting for a work around.

Does it work better on a Mac Computer ?
Is there anyone getting it to work on Windows 11

You do not copy them. You drag and drop. the piece still remains in the main list (so it will not disappear)but will also show up in the other list. I am working in Win11 all my stuff back 40 years.

Don’t think of them as folders.

It’s essentially applying meta tags and the “folders” are “Sort By” / “Filter By” shortcuts.



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