So the Plus no longer has the 45W laser?

So, I’m comparing each GF model only to notice that the Plus model no longer has the 45W laser. Can someone fill me in as to why that is when I looked just last month and the site indicated that the Plus and Pro models had the 45W laser. Now I have an opportunity to get a Plus for a discounted rate, but paying the difference doesn’t appear to be worth it, as it seems like I’d only be paying for an extended warranty. Thoughts? Clarification?

Plus has been using the 40W tube for much longer than a month. That change was announced back in October 2019.

Personally, I don’t see much point in the Plus. Go with a Basic or a Pro.


I was scheduled to receive my Basic on Monday (11/15), only to get an email earlier this evening saying that I would not be receiving it due to a shortage due to supply demands​:unamused::unamused::unamused: then they go on to offer me a refurb Basic that could be shipped in a few days or a Plus at a discounted rate, or wait until early 2022 to get my new Basic.

First of all, for the amount of money I’m paying, I’m not accepting a refurb. That’s just crazy in my opinion. And paying an extra $400 for nothing more than an extended warranty and still have to wait another 2 wells is just as crazy.:rage::rage::rage::rage: Mind you I had already received emails stating that my GF was being prepped to ship, only to receive another one late this evening to say it’s not coming as expected. I’m so disappointed. Is this what I have to look forward to?

Welcome to the forum. Sorry for your disappointment…I can understand it completely. It is fairly common knowledge that refurbs of almost anything are very often in the very best of condition because of the rigorous testing and repairs done to bring them up to expected parameters. Of course, it’s your choice, but personally I wouldn’t doubt the quality of a refurb and have bought several of different products before.
There really are supply chain problems in this country and around the world…it is a real thing and Glowforge has not been spared.

All that being said, Glowforge may not be the fastest in support, but they do a fantastic job of taking care of their customers at every turn. You have an amazing machine that will get to you eventually and it will make you very happy.


Incorrect. The change happened over two years ago: October 2019 Update


Actually might be right - I’ve seen others say that it was showing on the website as 45W recently as well.

The specs changed a long time ago but I think they didn’t catch up on the website.

Same way as the website is still promising stuff 5 years down the line are yet to be delivered.

Where’s my cardboard globe!!!???


I can understand your disappointment but I’d tamp down any anger. Supply chains all over have been totally messed up for months. I’d be so depressed to be any kind of supplier right now. (It’s certainly made my day job a lot more difficult, more vendors than I can count have been unable to deliver goods on time or at all).

It’s true that the GF refurbs have proven to be great - in your case I’d still wait for the basic unless you have a dire need to get it a few weeks sooner. Sometimes things seem opaque but I’ve found GF to be a stand up, reliable company in the 3+ years I’ve been a customer.


When I got my pro last month, the specs in the comparison still say Pro is 45W/class 4 where plus and basic are 40W/class 1. Check it out. still listed as different classes today:

That is is the point. Only the Pro is 45W. The OP said the Plus was also 45W. It’s clearly listed on the page you linked - “rated at 45 watts for Pro and 40 watts for Plus and Basic” - and has been for over two years. This was debated back then when it was changed.


Best bet is to either go basic or pro.
Pro nets you the double length Warranty, pass through capabilities, and the bit of extra laser power.

Plus is……not much different than basic. Possibly some better/faster movement mechanics but in tear downs in the past, the parts looked to be identical so no customer is sure how the plus is any better.
It’s original selling point was the better tube without pass through but then it got changed so we don’t know. Maybe there’s additional top speed like the pro has?


My bad. I missed it. Thought someone said they were all now 40. Need to read slower, I guess. :wink:

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I am thinking that the referb is a preferable machine. Each machine is tested by experts when new before it goes out the door but when it gets to the first customer it gets tested by a non-expert which is a much deeper test. If the non expert has a problem that cannot be fixed by them, it is sent back, thoroughly tested by experts again with special attention to the complaint and anything with an issue replaced (those with some sort of mark put to the back as there are far more with no marks?) most machines are sent back early with little use so wearing out of things like the power tube are unlikely, so the result is more thoroughly tested than new, and when it was user error all along they are still usually replaced so referbs are usually better tested and good as new.

You might even ask if there is a 45 watt Plus among the referbs :grin:


Not that it matters… On Aug 6th 2019 the Glowforge website showed the Plus with a 45 watt tube. On Jan 31st 2020 it was listed as 40 watts. The Internet Wayback archive has no listing in between those two dates.


Thank you all for the feedback. I’ll wait for CS to contact me so that just upgrade as you all have made valid points. Thanks


I was very emotionally attached to my original pro, which came new, but the referb replacement has well outdone the original. This is coming from someone who so badly wanted to hate their replacement GF because I love my first one so much. But I have to give it them, GF tests the referb ones really well. I would pick a referb over new any day from a well trusted company.


Thanks so much to everyone who weighed in here. The Plus does now come standard with a 40-watt laser. @wolfsqueen1182, I’ll reach out personally on your particular situation!