So, there was, like, an email sent out or something?

Since it doesn’t seem like Glowforge is able to sent me emails, would someone kindly post the text from the most recent email to this thread?

Also, Glowforge, could you check on my order? My purchase history looks like this. Which is odd because I distinctly remember giving you guys a couple thousand dollars a couple years ago.

Can you, please, fix this? And then can you send me my “do you want a Glowforge” email? I sent you an email with the same request, but you’ve apparently ignored it.


Sounds like there is a “wired down” between you and :glowforge: do you have an alt email that you can use to contact them? Is their address whitelisted? I don’t think they are ignoring you intentionally. You might even have to call them.

I don’t know the term “wired down”.

The request I made got a “we’ll get back to you” automated response.

If you sent an email, they’ll probably respond to that. I believe posting here opens up a second ticket.

Whatever it takes. The automated response was sent >100 hours ago.

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that picked up a D somehow, probably my lobster claw hands. wire down. But that doesn’t seem to be the case if you got the robot reply.


Yeah, that’s a long time for a three day return. Of course we did see that one thread go 9 days before @rita got to it so sometimes somethings fall between the cracks. Considering what is probably a boom amount of people trying to email them for information it’s taking a bit to get back to everyone.

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Probably was just swamped at that time. Hundreds of people asking where their email was before they had finished sending the emails. Posting here will get attention eventually because it has to be closed.

I’m very sorry that we didn’t reply to you promptly when we wrote to support – we will reply to that message and get all this sorted out.