So you need a bigger bed?


Well, I thought my 1000x1000 X-Carve had a big bed for a CNC router…

5x10’ is ginormous!


It’s ginormous until you see the ones the aircraft companies use for hogging out wing parts from billet.


Yeah, in my former life I spent several years at an Allen-Bradley company (now Rockwell Automation) and I flew all over the world automating stuff. We did some work at Boeing, but the biggest CNC I got to work with were at United Technologies in Huntsville AL. They were making one CNC to essentially scrape the burned leftover fuel from the shuttle SRBs and a second that was a 5 axis water jet to remove one layer of aircraft paint, so that short term charters could “unpaint” their logo off another airline’s jet… Any CNC that can eat an entire 747 is huge. But those weren’t kits we all could buy…


There was a company in the town I live in that made structured insulated panel systems for houses. Their CNC machine for shaping the walls was something like 12" by 30" or so. It was pretty impressive.


Or the ones Aliens use to make crop circles! :alien:


Envy alert


First I interpreted bed as in size of mattress… I thought “Yeah - hubby is a bed hog… I struggle to claim my territory.”


I explained to my 14" shorter wife, that this is darwinism…


LOL Hubs and I are 13" difference. I can relate to your wife!


M y first thought went to mattresses as well! :joy:


I’m 6’3" and my wife is only 5’2" yet she is able to take up 3/4 of our bed. Her secret weapon is always wanting to warm up while I’m trying to cool down!


Guys, when you sleep together for the first time, choose your side of the bed carefully - it’s going to be yours for the rest of your life. :wink:


In every hotel room, tent, etc…




Hahaha! The real winners are my cats!


So true! Why is that???


I never figured that out…:thinking:


Curiosity here…do you sleep on the left side of the bed or the right? (left)


I sleep on the right side cuz I’m always right! LOL :wink:


Left handed and Port side. :wink: