Sodas and Sucralose


What is the one thing that you don’t consider when grabbing a Mountain Dew? Particularly a Mountain Dew “Game Fuel”? The answer? Calories. So why the heck are they tainting the Mountain Dew flavors with Sucralose?!? I know the answer… 170 calories vs. 280… but still… I don’t give a crap about calories when I’m drinking Mt. Dew. Again, particularly the Game Fuel flavors, and it isn’t like a “diet” soda that has zero calories… it still has 170! I tried the new Mango Habanero flavor a couple weeks ago and couldn’t taste anything over the artificial sweeteners. I dumped it after one taste. Ok, fine, new flavor and they decided to go lower cal… whatever. Today I buy the old Game Fuel Cherry/Citrus flavor, and there is that distinct taste! Sucralose! Why are you messing with a good flavor?!? Introduce a diet version if you want to offer it, but leave my flavors alone!


They’re gonna find out one of these days that artificial sweeteners cause excessive nose hair growth. :expressionless:


Because the nanny state is beginning to impose taxes on soft drinks based on the sugar content,/calorie count. So to mitigate the impact MD is moving towards more artificial sweeteners. Your area may not be part of the political change but they want one formula nationwide for efficiency.

You get what you vote for and sometimes you get what someone else with radically different ideas votes for. As go NY & CA, so eventually goes the nation.


I wonder in the long run which will be more expensive? The loss of sales because they bumped the average price up due to these taxes? Or the loss of sales because people like me decide not to buy the soda after all?

I’m probably in the minority… but I don’t care, I have a soda stream, and I can make my own syrups… and I can put all the sugar I want in there! So I don’t need Mountain Dew.

If they ever get to the point where they are putting artificial sweeteners in Pepsi… then I’m just done with mass-market soda all-together.


They’ve been doing it for years. It’s called high fructose corn syrup. That’s why you can buy ones that say “made with real sugar” but yeah, I’m with you on the disgusting taste of equal and sweet n’ low. Splenda isn’t bad, though it has an off after taste.


The Mexican CocaCola in the glass bottles is made with real sugar.
It tastes so much better.


Yeah, yeah… but you knew what I meant. :smiley:


I wonder if my intestines would react better(read not at all) to a naturally sweetened coke. Can’t drink Coke-Cola or Snapple for the sweeteners doing bad, bad things to me.


Their used to be something called Dublin Dr. Pepper that was made with cane sugar, but no more after a legal battle. I believe Dr Pepper/Snapple is still making it though - just have to find where to buy it.


I think the real question is why the heck are they tainting Mountain Dew with a mango habanero flavor?!?!?


I don’t care for the Mexican Cokes. I don’t know if it’s the sugar change or the glass bottle but something about it always tastes off to me.


Poor ADM and ConAgra. HFCS is really getting the beat down these days. Sucrose or fructose, doesn’t matter. Too much, too often of anything isn’t good for you.

Then there is the whole kosher issue of cane sugar products versus HFCS products. especially at passover.

I make my own sweetner. It’s sorghum molasses. Takes a lot of work to grow, press, and boil down, but it sure tastes good.


Maybe it’s just me… But paint thinner seems like a more viable option than mountain dew gamer fuel anything…

I mean… Don’t get me wrong I’ve had my fair share of mountain dew binges in my past. But once they started adding flavors to it like code red, etc… It just became waaaay to much for my sensitive taste buds.


:yum: :wink:


Oh come red number 40 and sucralose…talk about stomach cramps and worse effects than a bowl of beans. I hate that stuff…


My first 2 weeks at my first professional job as chemist was providing analytical process support for a sucralose plant startup. Over time I developed concerns about its effects on kidney function and was told to forget what I had learned.


It’s funny that I am now studying it as a component to stop large forest fires.


Did you watch the…20/20??Dateline investigation on Red 40? Scientist couldn’t prove it was causing the behavioral issues, but the evidence was pretty solid for it being a major culprit.


I went to the museum in Dublin, TX on a Groupon one time. The Dublin bottlers still make their own original stuff (Black Cherry etc) and it’s all cane sugar, but it was sad when they lost Dr Pepper. You can still get a cane sugar Dr. Pepper, it’s just no longer from Dublin, TX. The whole throwback movement brought a lot of real sugar sofas back, but it seems like they’re slowly fading away again.

Speaking of throwbacks, last time I visited my sister in OH, she took me to jungle jims which was amazing. Right out front that had multiple pallets of Surge in tall boy cans for $1. That dirty green health hazard in a can was fantastic.


For the record here’s one of my last 2 Dublin Dr. Peppers

The problem as I recall is that little Dublin printed on the label. There were and currently are other sources for “real” sugar Dr. Pepper at the time, but someone decided it was diluting a trademark or some such.

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Mmmmmm need to get a Mountain Dew (original xxxx yellow)