Software not responding

I’ve had this issue for a few days now - probably since the update. The only way I can work around it is Ctrl-A to select everything and move it that way - but I do multiple cuts at once, so its basically impossible for me to cut right now

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me too!! I’m actually relieved that it isn’t just me!

Same here - very disappointing … hopefully some resolution on this soon as clearly its affecting most of us!

Yes I am having the same problem as well :frowning:

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand nothing but deafening silence from the folks at GF!

Yup! Same here. Haven’t found a consistent workaround yet. I’m really not liking after every update there is something else that becomes an issue

As the wife of a longtime programmer and manager of programmers, I can tell you this is a pile of stinky crap. The customer needs to know how long we can expect to be drowning in their mistakes.

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it also showed nothing reported for today either when I just checked, so hopefully they DO know and are too busy trying to fix it to post an update. As I’m sure others have as well, I submitted a support request. I’ve tried both Firefox and Edge and get the same behavior in both, so I don’t think trying a different browser would help.

Fingers crossed it gets resolved soon!


Status shows they are looking into it!

Hello there,

I’m so sorry for the trouble.

We’re seeing this, too, and the team is looking into it now.

We’ll follow up as soon as we have more details.

Kind regards,

Yes! I’ve been trying too! It is selectively choosing parts of my designs that are not able to be moved or selected. I can’t do anything!

Yes, I’m having the same issues as well, noticed it around 10pm last night! Hopefully a fix will come soon, I have products that need to go out today.

It’s been a few days for you?? I was away for a week and I am trying to catch up on a backlog of orders and cannot cut anything until this is fixed.

Why can’t someone test the update before there is a update , Oh ! we get to test the update

must be a team of blind monkeys

Hello there,

Thank you for your continued patience.

We were experiencing a problem with the app that caused application degradation at the time of your report.

We’ve resolved the cause of the problem and you should be good to go now.

If you’re using the App, you may need to refresh your browser.

Warm regards,