Software use with Glowforge

Your site mentions use of Adobe products (illustrator, PDF files) with Glowforge, any chance that we may be able to use Corel products instead of Adobe?

I couldn’t remember where we talked about this, but I did a quick search and found some good responses in this thread:
What software to learn first

From what I know, as long as you can export to common formats like pdf, svg, or eps you should be alright with using Corel products. But as the link shows, the Glowforge team still has Corel integration in the idea hopper.

This is from the front page:

so as long as you can export to those file types you should be ok. I havent used corel draw in a while, but it should be able to do the majority of those.

I’m glad to know I’m not the only CorelDraw user who bought a Glowforge. As @JonS said, I asked Dan about Corel support very early on and he assured me direct support is in the hopper. Until then, CorelDraw can export to most of the supported file formats. I typically export to EPS when sending CroelDraw files to my vinyl printer/cutter or CNC router and expect to do the same with the Glowforge.

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