Solar Eclipse Viewer

With one week to go before the Great American Eclipse, I thought I’d share a design I ran up this weekend. However, before proceeding, I have a very important safety warning:

Never look at the sun with unprotected eyes (except during totality). This design is to be used with shade #14 welding filters ONLY.!!!

Since you read the safety warning above, you know that this design is for use with #14 welding filters, sized 4.5 x 5.25 inches. The filters are only a few bucks from you local welding supply, big box, or mail-order stores (but are in short supply at this point).

I’ve always found these filters to be a bit awkward to handle given that they are, you know, glass. :wink:

So, here’s a design for use with just about any opaque 1/8" material. I made mine out of :proofgrade: Draftboard.

Preview PNG:

Here’s the SVG (right-click to download)…
Don’t know what’s up with the svg render – it works in the GF App just fine. I’ll try to fix this after work today. :thinking:

Be sure to open the file in Illustrator, Inkscape, or Affinity Design before dropping it into the GF App. The file includes embedded text instructions for making two versions — one with pocket engraves and one that uses only cuts (and is much faster to make). You’ll need to either remove the text before loading into the GFUI, or simply accept the error that would otherwise pop up.

Enjoy… Safely!!

For personal use only as per forum rules


Thanks so much for sharing this! Terrific idea.


Field testing the prototypes…