Sold my glowforge

I put in a ticket to request the transfer of ownership yesterday. When I go into my request list its not there. I don’t know if they received my requst. Shoud I put in another ticket or calm down. I want the lady who bought it to be able to start cutting.

Another ticket? Like you already emailed

We can’t help, Glowforge staff doesn’t read the forum. If you haven’t emailed them about this yet then that’s what I’d do.


When they receive an email they send out an auto response. If you got that, they have your request and it’s in the queue.
If you didn’t get the auto response check your spam folder.


Once you get that initial response they send, try not to reply back again because the more tickets that get opened, the longer it takes to resolve. (Just mentioning because I know it’s tempting to write back again, but have to be careful with that!)


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