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Hi, first-time poster but long-time user. I’ve been getting this error that the camera cannot take a photo. According to the support docs, I need to purchase a new cable but it has been sold out for over a month along with darn near every other useful part :frowning: I have had to cancel all my orders. How long does it normally take for parts to restock or are they no longer restocking due to the Aura launch?

Any tips of buying somewhere else or am I screwed?

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It is unlikely that anyone in the forum (just owners like you) can provide any true insight as to when spare parts will be available from Glowforge. Sometimes you can find spare parts on ebay or etsy. If your business relies on your Glowforge, it is important that you have a back up plan and/or spare parts available for things that naturally fail.


Yeah, I have learned my lesson. This is the first time I have needed a part. I wasn’t sure if anyone was aware of their restock cadence or if there may be a shortage of some sort that is impacting their inventory. Does anyone have recommendations on what parts I should keep in stock?

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Reading through the forum on a regular basis reveals that carriage plate wheels, pulley wheels, optics (lens, mirror, side windows) black lid cable and white cable are parts that may need to be replaced.


Thank you so much for your help!

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Third party sellers like:

I’ve never had to replace mine, so I have no input other than the good star rating they seem to be getting on Etsy.


Google search shows some - glowforge black lid cable replacement - Google Search


there is a guy named jonathan gleich in the beginners glowforge
facebook group who can help you


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