Solid Blue Light?

I can’t get anyone from Glowforge to actually respond this question with anything other than a standard form letter email so I thought I’d try here:

For the past few weeks I’ve been having a problem keeping my Glowforge Pro connected to WiFi. I’m intimately familiar with the reset procedure that begins with powering up the Glowforge, Opening the Lid, Holding down the button, solid teal, flashing teal, flashing blue, then reconnecting to WiFi through the Setup tool.

My last problem took me several hours to get it to connect. It stayed connected for a few hours.

Now, when I turn the Glowforge on, the button is solid BLUE. Not TEAL, blue. The reset procedure does not work. When I hold down the button once it moves past the solid teal phase, it flashes teal/blue (instead of white) and then when it shows up as an available WiFi connection, it won’t connect to the network.

I’ve sent Glowforge multiple emails but they keep sending me their standard form letter saying “try to reset” which I’ve explained both times…not working.

Anyone have some ideas or suggestions? Anyone interested in purchasing a used Glowforge Pro with a solid blue light?

Between the out of stock on the proof grade materials, the tool not fully cutting through proof grade materials at random. and now this blue light, I think I’m about done.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Although I don’t think this is the problem, have you tried connecting the glowforge to a different network?

Working in IT I am usually one of the first ones to say my router isn’t the problem until someone proves me wrong. I have had some pretty strange things happen on previous routers that just doesn’t seem logical and until I replaced them, the problems didn’t go away.

I don’t want you tell you to buy a different router buy you might try turning your cell phone into a hotspot for a bit to see if using that as your network for the GlowForge fixes the problem.

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I apologize for the continued trouble. It sounds like you’ve performed a factory reset a few times already, so the logs we would usually review to diagnose the issue further may have been erased. However, I’ve followed up on the open email thread with further instructions on how to pull those logs so we can get to the bottom of the issues you’re experiencing.

I’m going to close this thread, and we can continue working on it via email.