[Solved] Error - cannot print -

I bought some card stock from Office Depot. It is bright green. Each time I try and print on it today, the file won’t print. I tried moving my test rectangles around to different parts of the paper, but it won’t work. Tried turning the machine on and off. Has anyone had problems with this error happening over and over.

In the past I have had the error show up once, then I re-run the print and there is no problem.

Do you think this might be an error that also happens during server overload? It is the day before Halloween.

I switched to cardboard that I had cut the day before and still won’t work

I sent this to support, but I wanted to pool you folk for other thoughts. Three weeks in and I really wanted to print a mask for tonight, now I’m stuck.


Restart computer, turn glowforge off for 20 minutes, now it works fine.

Or it was a server issue.

I’ve had it refuse to cut on black painted acrylic. (When I painted it for those eye lamps.) Got around it by putting a white paper masking tape over the black paint.

Try a white masking…I think the camera relies on a lighter color when it takes it’s shot to calculate the height.

edit: and like @scatterbrains says below, make sure you have set the thickness for your unknown material.

Did you set your material thickness? Next thing might be to log out and back in again.

When you say the file won’t print, does that mean you are getting a processing error after you hit the print button, or?

I did set the material thickness. I’ll try logging out and in again.

I thought it might be the bright green color, so then I tried cardboard that had worked before. I’ll try the white masking tape.

This is the error:

Unfortunately that’s one of those generic error messages that could be caused by something in the file, or by something that the machine can’t see and interpret correctly.

First I’d make sure the height of the material is entered correctly in the Unknown Materials slot at the top left column.

If that doesn’t fix it, I’d try the white masking tape.

And if that doesn’t do it, I’d try another file, just to make sure the problem isn’t in the file itself.

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Though these posts about unknown errors are legion, now…I still find them interesting. Just last night I got this same error and finally figured out that some of my designs had no stroke width at all! Could have taken me forever to figure that out, but I guess I just lucked out. Anyway, as soon as I gave them a width, the error went away. I do agree completely though…would be so nice to have more info. when those error windows pop up. Could save a lot of time and grief.


I have generally seen that error for 1 of 3 reasons.

  1. My overall print was too complex for some reason (LPI/too much detail/etc). Reducing print complexity or portioning it out resolves that.
  2. There was a problem with my file preventing processing. (Some examples above, folks here are great at troubleshooting those.)
  3. I hit print too soon after the previous job finished. This error seems to have vanished, replaced by the whole interface just freezing. I find that outcome to be less desirable than the error message that could be accepted, then send the same print again a few moments later.

@jason.fuller0 and @Xabbess

The thing that drives me crazy about this one is that I have used this file and the card board from my second file before.

They have cut just fine.

The solution was wait 30 minutes, restart my computer, turn off the glowforge for 10 minutes and then turn it back on. Now it prints fine.


I ran into an error that seemed to be a result of several hours of multiple small jobs, loading different designs and different materials, a couple times I canceled the print job before I pressed the hard start after I noticed something off. All of the designs I printed several times and they were very simple, just cuts and scores of simple shapes. Finally it just got stuck in calibrating. Not sure what the deal was, but shutting everything down and logging out did the trick.

It’s a mystery.


There’s a ghost in the code.

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I’m glad you were able to finish your print. I’ll look into what happened.