Solving Problems with the Glowforge Part 2


Hi everyone. Here’s another little problem I solved at home this week. The bed frame in our guest room was missing one post cap. It should look like this:

But looked like this instead:

That is not the classy look I am going for. :slight_smile: However, an unsightly furniture blemish is no problem when you have a Glowforge!

I decided to use two old crustal doorknobs to spruce up the finials at the head of the bed. I took a few measurements and quickly printed out a couple of pieces on the GF to hold it together.

My favorite part of this was printing simple dowels that were sized to fit the thread in the bottom of the door knobs and help anchor them to the bed posts.

After staining the plywood to match the bed, a little work with a drill and some wood glue left me with this classy number:

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending June 10, 2017

Lovely, and thanks for thinking of this!
Now I finally know what to do with the doorknob collection…


a) This is really cool, and
b) I need to watch Bedknobs and Broomsticks with my kids!


Love this! What a cool project. The end result is incredible… really love those doorknobs! What an improvement, even more than just a solution! :smile:


what a super fun idea; this is lovely. did you use some substitutiary locomotion to get your bedknobs going?



Definitely a classy upgrade!


Wow! I’ve really got to start thinking of everything as having a laserable solution!


Super smart.


literally the first thing i think about when i encounter an issue around the house these days


And after that Chitty Chitty Bang Bang…:laughing:


Beautiful solution.:smile:


Very nice! The new knobs look much better! :relaxed:


Nah… Everybody knows the next movie is The Love Bug.


I enjoy watching these projects evolve and then be adapted and changed. This Glowforge community is probably the biggest reason that a number of people have stayed the course thru multiple delays. :sunglasses::glowforge:


Excellent chewing gum holder!


Cool idea, beautiful result!


Maybe a nice place to hollow out further and stash your cash before spending it on more Proofgrade :proofgrade: goodies.


The old one…not the crappy new one with Lohan chick…lol


Oh, Jeez! I forgot that existed since I never had any interest in seeing it! Yes, of course the original!


I actually liked that one. (The crappy one with the Lohan chick.) :laughing: