Some cutting edge boards

I’d found a cute little cutting board a while back while at Ikea and wanted to customize it a bit. I’d found a cherry blossom picture that I liked and after doing some cleanup tried it out on the board. I ended up doing a double pass since I didn’t think it was enough after the first pass and wanted to make sure it wouldn’t wash out once it was cleaned.

Here’s a little closer of the etching.

I think it turned out pretty nice for a bitmap. I wanted to try a more modern pattern as well so I did a modification to my asanoha geometric pattern for a corner decoration. This was vector score, so pretty fast to print.

another closeup

Now it’s reversible depending on my mood :slight_smile: Now that I’ve run them both through a wash cycle they’ve cleaned up nicely and seem to be durable enough.


Nice! I like both designs. Is that bamboo?

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Very pretty!

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These are gorgeous! We just planted a yoshino cherry tree in our yard so we can have our own hanami if it survives (and if it dies in the next year, at least we can get our money back :smirk: )

Do you put bamboo cutting boards through the washing machine? I would feel a lot better about using the engraved boards if that were the case. Did you coat them with some kind of oil/wax?

I’m OOL (already, yikes!) but couldn’t pass by without acknowledging this. It’s beautiful. Well done, you continue to inspire :slight_smile:

I have run bamboo through the dishwasher on occasion, but my preference is to decorate one side then use the blank side for actual cutting, so usually hand wash.

Before first use, all my boards get a few coats of butcher block oil, reapplied as needed a couple of times a year. YMMV.


Sweet designs! I’m definitely gonna have to do something like this to give away to random people as gifts!

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